A fresh start

Nothing feels as great as klapping your body with some health first thing in the morning. After gulping down a smoothie filled with more fruit and veg than most people get on the daily, the last thing you want to do is reach into the cookie jar. Good on the hips, but – to be honest – Jen and I are even more concerned about what’s good on the lips.

Orange smoothie1

Which is why we’ve decided to start sharing some of our favourite smoothie recipes throughout 2016. Take all the ingredients, pop them in your NutriBullet (best thing everrr) or blender, add some ice and blend ’til smooth. Your lips and hips will thank you!

Orange smoothie5

Today we woke up overlooking beautiful Bantry Bay and felt as though we needed something a little more refreshing than a dense, leafy drink. To make the smoothie tangy-sweet we added lemon and apple, then chucked in a big knob of ginger for a kick to get us going.

This spicy smoothie contains:

2 oranges

1/2 a lemon

1 apple

1 carrot

a knob of ginger (add more for a proper kick)

1 tbsp. of Green Shake Powder

Orange smoothie6_text

We obviously named this morning’s smoothie The Flaming Carrot before we had blended it. Had we waited, we would’ve gone with Gary’s opinion and called it something related to vomit. However, avoid being perturbed by its colouring because this smoothie is delish and oh-so-healthy (but to avoid its brownish colouring, leave out the Green Shake mix). Gulp it down, kick back and enjoy the beginning of 2016 and what’s left of South Africa’s beautiful summer.

Orange smoothie9

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