The best lunch in Cape Town 

Kate and I grew up in a super healthy home, where we were taught to eat fruit and veg or starve. (Thanks, mom.) Once, at a sleepover, I was fed “pizza” made out of white bread and viennas and my 9-year-old self died a little. Although we’ve become big fans of midnight McDonald’s runs over the years, my mother’s faith in good eating has stuck.

Mary 7 copy

Today, like her, we’re kinda obsessed with Mary-Ann Shearer. Her philosophy for “Perfect Health” (also the title of her book) is simple and has changed SO many lives, including ours.

Mary 2_text

As kids we lived on her healthy treats and stuck to her lifestyle plan as much as possible, and now that Mary-Ann lives and works in Gordon’s Bay, Kate and I loooove popping in to her Natural Way Cafe. I mean, just look at this freakin’ delicious frozen cheesecake. It’s made with cashew nut milk and pea protein and is literally good for you. Like, you should be eating one of these a day. (My words, not Mary-Ann’s, but I’m sure she’d agree.)

Mary 3

The lunchtime harvest table, which changes daily, is vegan and gluten-free, and although I am neither of those things, the food is truly incredible. Tandy recently told me that she took some friends to Mary-Ann’s for lunch, and they declared it the best veg meal they’d ever had. I had planned on snapping some pics of our buffet plates last week (R50 for small, R100 for large) but the drive to Gordon’s Bay is long and I was hangry. Instead, here is a picture of Kate reading about how to live a healthier life. (Spoiler: food combining is big and fruit and veg are everything).

Mary 6

So, if you feel like trying a down-to-earth, absolute hidden gem of a restaurant, check Mary-Ann’s out here. (Yes, all of the reviews are by my family, so there). I declare it the best lunch in Cape Town because even if you aren’t a veg-crazy health nut, there’s something about eating a wholesome, well-priced buffet meal in a log cabin in the forest that everyone needs in their life. And I hope you catch a glimpse of Mary-Ann when you visit. You’ll buy everything in the adjoining shop for a chance at her glowing health.


28 thoughts on “The best lunch in Cape Town 

  1. Sarah Kalell

    Awesome article Jenny! Couldn’t agree with you more! Mary-Ann is a true inspiration for healthy eating and healthy living. I know I’m one of Mary-Ann’s consultants so I’m naturally biased BUT having followed The Natural Way for 7 years now, and partaken of Mary-Ann’s lunch at the cafe, I can vouch for everything you say and more.

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  2. Mandy

    I should totally open one in the East Rand once I’ve completed my studies with Mary-Ann. She is by far the best and their products are superb quality.


  3. Sandra Shing

    We arrived in Cape Town on the 28th December 2015, stayed in Gordon’s Bay….. hoping to get a meal at your restaurant but unfortunately you were closed……………Hope to visit you next time we are in Cape Town.


    1. Jenny Coulson

      Hey Judith! Mary Ann’s is approximately 45 minutes from Double Tree by Hilton Hotel but it’s worth the drive if you love healthy food and snacks. If you would like, we can email you some of our other favorite things to do around that area? Katie & Jen x


  4. Nerina B

    I have been following the Fit for Life since the eighties and no matter what the latest buzz in eating is, I will always follow Mary Ann,s way. I refer so many clients to her and wish for everybody to follow the Natural Way.


  5. Costen Black

    I haven’t visited the café yet but when I read the book, The Natural Way, l was hooked on health food. We definitely need an outlet in Johannesburg. SOS!!


  6. bea

    When I lived in Johannesburg, I went to her free classes on Tuesday and Thursday on preparing/eating raw, then on Saturday mornings for a talk before having lunch in her shop. Don’t know any she left Jo’burg – huge loss!

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