Give me all the Pajamas & Jam

I’m trying (and failing) to refrain from writing restaurant views on this blog (that’s what Zomato is for, right?) but every now and then, I find myself dining in a place so fantastic that it deserves its own post. Because Pajamas & Jam is SO MUCH MORE than just a restaurant – it’s a florist, an antique store, and pretty much where I want to spend the rest of my life.

PJs 1

From the moment you walk through the door, your senses are overwhelmed by glowing candles, boxes of fresh figs for sale and, of course, the smell of their signature lemon meringue. The place is run by a family of awesome women who know their stuff, and their stuff is good. 

PJs 7

When we visited a few weeks ago, we were treated to platters of homemade preserves, cheeses, fresh dragon fruit and soy-dipped baby carrots, to name but a few of the starters – followed by sticky chicken and sweet potatoes that rivalled my mother’s. (I love you, mom). Their juices are also kind of amazing… you simply have to try the pressed watermelon!

PJs 2

But there’s something about Pajamas & Jam that runs deeper than the food and decor. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s a relaxed vibe in the space that encourages you to linger over your coffee, order something tasty for dessert even though you probably shouldn’t, and stay awhile. Maybe even go home with an antique lamp or a handwoven basket, or just a picture of this little guy:

PJs 8

I think their Instagram feed captures what I’m trying to say. Pajamas & Jam embodies the slow food movement on a whole new level, and I love the fact that the place is literally hidden in a warehouse in the most industrial part of Strand. It’s unexpectedly beautiful. (And incredibly difficult to find. I followed this address.)

PJs 3

I could go on and on and get super poetic about the flowers and homemade ciabatta and excellent service, but instead I think you should just try it out for yourself. It’s a bit of a drive from Cape Town but you won’t find anywhere like Pajamas & Jam in town, which makes the trip worth it for me. Meet you there for coffee and cake?

PJs 4

Disclaimer: I visited as a guest of the restaurant, but was under no obligation to write this post – I only write about what I believe in.

6 thoughts on “Give me all the Pajamas & Jam

  1. Steff D

    100% true!! And I live in Jhburg… thanks to dear friends who live in Somerset West, I found this little jewel a few years ago… and I can only say that they are FABULOUS!! And going from strength to strength… not your ordinary restaurant/coffee shop, but something very special!!


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