3-ingredient date balls

Most healthy treats don’t taste like treats at all. After nibbling on a raw vegan “chocolate”, trying to convince myself that it’s a slab of Lindt in disguise, I usually end up doing the midnight run to Engen and eating a whole box of Jolly Jammers in the car to make myself feel better. (Which totally works, by the way).

Date balls 5

However, there’s one recipe in the universe that produces a healthy treat so perfect that I would choose it over any biscuit, chocolate or dessert. Coming from a girl who used to ask for Jolly Jammers for her birthday every year, this is not a statement to be taken lightly.

Date balls 1

Kate and I got this recipe from our mom, the ever-inspiring domestic goddess in our family. It’s super easy, requires just three ingredients and is a bazillion times more delicious than any store-bought date balls, which are usually laden with butter, cocoa and sugar. All you need is:

1 cup of rolled oats

1 cup of chopped dates

1 cup of desiccated coconut

Date balls 4

You could literally memorise this recipe, and it’s the perfect amount for the average blender (in our case, a NutriBullet). Start by adding the chopped dates to your blender and a splash of water (just less than half a cup). Whizz it up to get a nice paste. Next, add the oats and a third of the coconut. Whizz again. It should become a really thick consistency that starts to make your blender strain a little. Depending on the type of oats you use, you might need to add a little more water – make like Jamie and experiment.

Date balls 3

Next, squish the mixture into balls between your palms and roll each one in the rest of the coconut. Pop them in the fridge to set for a couple of hours, and you’re done. They keep well for about a week, but will most likely be demolished in a day. Serve your date balls of happiness with a hot cup of tea and live your best life. Let us know how yours turn out!

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