Hi there! We are Kate and Jenny Coulson, two sisters with a crazy love for old things, green things, and delicious things. Welcome to our happy little space on the internet.

Home 1

Growing up, we lived in a crumbly farmhouse with a big garden in the middle of Johannesburg. We had lemon trees, avo trees, mulberry trees and – our favourite – two ancient, gnarled plum trees to play in. Those trees were so good we named our blog after them. (Also, this poem).

Orange smoothie5

Our goddess of a mother taught us to cook healthy food and DIY a beautiful home, two habits which have never quite left us, no matter where we’ve lived. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. lachicnomad

    LOVE this blog 🙂 Can’t wait to read more of your food adventures while I sip on a cup of tea (oh, and I might try to make those delicious date balls I just read in one of your latest posts).


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