Seaside sunsets in Struisbaai

With an ocean as magnificently blue as the one surrounding Mauritius (just a bit nippier), miles of walking trails amongst fynbos and little beach cottages, and the freshest, most deliciously deep-fried calamari in the world, Struisbaai – a mere 4 kilometres from the southern-most tip of Africa – is on our list of the Western Cape’s must-see spots.


Expecting overpriced restaurants, littered beaches and hoards of tourists clamouring for photos where the Indian meets the Atlantic, we were astounded by the quiet simplicity and beauty of this little Afrikaans town. The general architecture and design is pretty kitsch (and completely incomparable to the West Coast’s beautiful Paternoster) but the beaches, the mountains and the sunsets are just a few reasons to put this place on the bucket list.

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The coolest market in Cape Town

Cape Town is a haven for market lovers. I remember when the Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill first opened up years ago, people went a little insane with excitement. (I was one of them). Since then, it seems like there’s a new artisanal market on every corner, offering the very best in organic produce, felt hipster hats and leather goods. Milnerton Market is not one of them.

Market 1

Not that I don’t love a good felt hipster hat, but sometimes I just wanna go on a damn bargain hunt. Which is when I’ll wake up at 7am on a Saturday, punch this address into my GPS and head off to the only proper fleamarket in this city. Also, I don’t like felt hipster hats. That was a lie.

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